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Our office undertakes drafting topographical surveys for each geographical region, and capture buildings in accordance with the law and the specific urban regulation.

Because in our country has not prepared National Cadastre for all regions, the topographical diagram drawn up by the individual engineer is the official document boundary of your property. Under that drafted notarial documents issued judgments promulgated administrative acts. It follows from the above syntax topographic plan requires great consistency and accuracy, both during the measurement, and during their analysis.

Our office undertakes the following surveying work:
Issuing land topographic charts and plots.
The integrity and buildability study plots and parcels.
Delimitation of land and parcels.
The integration of land or parcels at the State trigonometric network (E.G.S.A. 87).
The design layout and construction lines.
Distributions and land parcels or partitions, in horizontal and vertical co-owners.



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