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Static design buildings
As a result of our continued presence, and our constantly updated on new developments in science, we are able to offer comprehensive static building structures studies respecting safety while ensuring economy of your construction. We study the static buildings of reinforced concrete, steel, composite, masonry, and industrial constructions / installations.

Also operate in the implementation of structural design of complex ergon.I our well-trained in the applicable technical regulations, national and European, results to achieve maximum safety kataskefis.I expertise available involves the use of specialized methods of finite elements depending on the complexity of the project study and in combination with appropriate computational tools we use creates a robust meletis.Oi studies deliver accompanied by detailed calculations issue and complete plans detailing.
To solve the structural design entrusted to us using the assumptions set out by the new European regulations (Eurocodes)


Landscaping & Interior
Useful study for old apartments and old houses. In this study redrawn are indoors or outdoors, in order to meet the current living conditions, and the current requirements of the owners. Nowadays is extremely useful such a study. The reason is that housing needs have not changed due to the economic crisis. but they have changed the preferences of the people who are most geared to economic solutions. Such solution is buying an old apartment and repair. And at this point it is essential that such a study be redesigned spaces and the apartment acquire a modern architecture.

Energy certificates
The energy certificate has entered in recent years for good in our lives, since for all new buildings leases, lettings, new or completely renovated buildings, but also for the integration of residential buildings in the program "Saving at Home" is required issuing Energy Performance Certificate.
From 01.01.2016 the energy certificate is now mandatory for real estate under 50 sq.m. It is a recognized by the ministry document issued by Energy Inspector (which is included in a special register), and which shows the energy efficiency of the building. With the certificate of each building will be classified in energy class (there are nine categories from A + to H), while the inspector registers and recommendations for improving the energy efficiency of the building.

We issue energy performance certificates at the best prices! Feel free to ask our offer!

Permits shop opening
Some stores categories require authorization by an institution, depending on their use, in order to operate. The majority are health stores, pharmacies, laboratories / Crafts, Clinics, Schools / Education Sites Garages and car washers and require version License of Establishment and Operation of the competent Member of Municipal Service.
The issuance of the license often requires separate approvals from other agencies such as the Fire Department, the Department of Public Health, the Development Division etc .The issuing process is completed in two stages. In the first stage the Pre-approval is granted and the second License Establishment and Leitourgias.Ta last years administrative procedures Establishment and Operation Branch HEALTH Interest have been simplified and standardized.

We can issue the license the establishment and operation of shops.


Property valuations
Our technical office can become the trusted advisor for any natural or legal person who wishes to have a thorough and certified property assessment in cases such as: trading, lending by banks, court proceedings, expropriations - property damages from the state, etc.
In any case, the correct assessment of the economic price to sell or rent a property is a very important action for anyone who is considering selling or renting. The importance lies in the fact that it is this assessment, greatly affects the time the whole process of the sale or lease, and the final amount will be determined to close the deal.



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