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Construction / Renovations / Restorations

We construct new buildings such as houses, apartment buildings, industrial buildings, warehouses etc. with the main objective to satisfy our customers' needs, we study and propose ideas and solutions tailored to the personality of each client.
We work with experienced and reliable crews and use certified high quality materials, so we guarantee the quality of construction and the immediate delivery of free time and financial deviations from our original agreement.
Our goal is to complete service to your requirements - at competitive prices.


The renovation several times is necessary in order to address technical problems or to create comfortable and functional spaces that match the aesthetics of each customer. Having the expertise to deal with any technical problem we advance solutions in order to make your space unique, upgrading your building. The budget and the planning for the work needed for the renovation done in close cooperation with the customer, so that the result meets the requirements and without excess and economic opportunity.

In renovations using experienced personnel and our constant supervision we are achieving excellent results.



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